Welcoming Any Challenges

Our home of Long Beach Island is vast along the shoreline and comprised of tens of thousands of homes. Fitting in six municipalities and the homes each holds creates a property size that is smaller than the average person may be used to. Typically, these smaller lots make it difficult to fit an entire project wish list, but even at a larger scale, it can often have its challenges as well. Welcoming any challenge with Landscape Architecture is the key to putting together an effective design and the elements within that.

Breaking down a large property into smaller, more specific areas helps to bring it back down to scale. The ability to dissect a property while keeping the vision together as a whole is incredibly important. Creating a unique experience within these areas allows for flexibility and a variety of enjoyment. The scale of this property allows for a unique driveway entrance, long curvilinear contemporary paver driveway with framed views of lush intentional plantings, a beautiful nature trail, grand front door courtyard, unique bocce ball recreation space, and a variety of walkway surfaces to choose from… these are all just part of the ground floor access. The first-floor elevated infinity-edge pool and patio area give breathtaking views to the ocean and direct access to a reinvigorated dune planting.

The initial view of a property in this location is framed at the street. “Curb appeal” is the term often used to describe this first view. The driveway entrance is one that should feel welcoming, but important on this scale to create a privacy separation while complementing the home. A masonry block entry wall with cedar shake siding and natural limestone caps matches the accents on the home, a custom fabricated wooden gate matches the garage door, and a stainless-steel pergola creates a unique entry that ties into the steel beams used throughout the home.

Entry at the home feels grand, but comfortable with a large bed of perennial grasses and specimen river birch tree. The large paver parking area allows access to either side of the home. On the Northside a recessed synthetic turf bocce court gives an area for recreation and more intimate seating spaces. The south side gives way to a unique grotto space under the first-floor pool area above. Spaces like these are created by retaining the surrounding grade with a contemporary wall block and beach pebble accent. The first-floor pool area above and the view it holds, speaks for itself and is why we are drawn to LBI and the beauty it portrays.

Familiar materials, planting palette, and overall style are a few key components that will marry your home with the surrounding landscape. The smaller spaces within that are what will create that unique feel on a larger scale. Landscape architecture is the foundation for success and enjoyment of our outdoor spaces. It is with how we use that experience and knowledge to ensure our beautiful LBI homes will continue to be enjoyed for years to come.