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Lush Planting Beds and Gardens

Custom Made Planting Bed

Rich and healthy plants, trees, and flowers are the cornerstone of a beautiful outdoor living environment. For over 25 years, we have specialized in designing and planting outdoor vegetation for our customers on Long Beach Island.

Professional garden and planting bed installation adds curb appeal, color, and visual interest to your home. Careful planning and design of your home’s vegetation and landscaping can also provide privacy, shade, and protection from the elements.

Our experienced landscaping and gardening professionals will create and maintain a beautiful and lasting outdoor landscape for your home.

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Professional Planting and Gardening Services

Our planting and gardening services include:

  • Landscape Planting and Design
  • Planting Beds and Borders
  • Privacy Screening with Vegetation
  • Dune Plantings and Restoration
  • Pruning and Edging
  • Seasonal Annual Plantings
  • Grading and DrainagePLA

With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in creating beautiful and lasting planting beds and gardens on Long Beach Island.

PLanting Pots & Beds

Planting Pots & Containers

An increasingly popular trend is the use of decorative pots and containers filled with annual flowers and ornamental plants. These versatile fixtures are a creative way to add style, color and flexibility to your landscape.

Portable containers are elegant and eye-catching, and can be used to enhance an entranceway or provide a focal point within a flower garden. The selection of plants used can be changed from year-to-year or season-to-season, adding variety and excitement to the landscape.

If you have a container, pot, or large vase, simply bring it to our retail center and our expert designers will create the perfect arrangement for your home. Our staff will also come to your home to fill large, built-in planters or pots that are too heavy to move.

Underground Irrigation Systems

Our irrigation department provides complete planning and installation of underground irrigation systems. We use the latest technology to create efficient, automated irrigation installations to ensure your landscape stays healthy and lush.

We also offer maintenance and repairs of these systems including start-ups in the spring and winterizations in the fall.

Choosing the Right Plants for Long Beach Island

The sandy soil, salty air, and prevailing winds present unique challenges when designing planting beds and gardens on Long Beach Island. Careful selection is critical, and the design and development of the plant beds and gardens must be carefully executed to ensure a lush, lasting landscape.

Each property provides a unique palette for our landscape designers to work with. We embrace the challenge of working with unique locations and environmental variations that provide parameters for the selection and placement of plants and flowers.

Native plant material is heavily used and recommended — these plants are conditioned for Long Beach Island’s elements and hold up best to the seasonal weather variations.

Non-native specimens within the landscape must be carefully placed and shielded from the elements.

With over 25 years of experience, we are experts in creating beautiful and lasting planting beds and gardens on Long Beach Island.

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Campania International

For nearly 30 years, Campania has been a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of fine garden accents to independent garden centers.