Extending Your Home

Over the past year, we have all learned to enjoy being at home more. Many homeowners have been focused on not only improving but bringing their living spaces to their fullest potential. With all of us spending more time outside, it makes sense to focus on extending your home to the out- doors. There are so many ways this can be achieved and you don’t have to have a giant backyard to create an amazing outdoor oasis. At Bay Avenue Plant Company, design always comes first. We begin every process with our clients by talking about how they want to use the space. We ask questions like, “What is your family make-up? How old are your kids and/or grandkids? How do you enjoy spending your time outside?” All of the answers to these questions factor into the design, plan, and budget for our clients’ landscapes. Pools have become more and more popular and the trend is rising. A pool offers you the ability to enjoy the sun and the water, in the privacy of your own home. If you have decided you want a pool, it is really important to incorporate the size, type, and placement into a design first. When you have a pool, it has to support the function of everything else around it. Working with a company that understands exposure, hardscape materials that surround the pool, furniture placement, and complimenting the pool with plantings to soften the feel and create a particular vibe, is really important.

Outdoor Furniture is an integral part of your outdoor living experience. With the ever-changing and at times harsh elements of Long Beach Island, it is important to choose furniture that is not only appropriate for the high winds of the island, but that will last for years. Teak continues to be the highest performer in terms of weight and durability of natural wood. If you like the look of wood and aren’t afraid to let your furniture mature and change into a beautiful work of art, teak is for you. There are also many beautiful and hardy all-weather woven products for a softer, more comfortable option. Whatever style you choose, it shouldn’t be an afterthought. Furniture should be incorporated into the design so that you are making the most of every square inch of whatever size property you have. Fireplaces and Fire Pits are another way of extending the season on LBI. You love the outdoors here, why not stay and enjoy your oasis a little while longer? Placing a television above a fireplace or an outdoor kitchen is the perfect way to spend football season. The warmth of a fire will help you get a few more weekends of bliss in the fall and cooler months. Putting all these elements together, along with a well thought- out plan and design, will provide you with a new outdoor living experience on Long Beach Island.