Floral Design Trends and Ideas for Weddings on Long Beach Island

Photos by Vinyl Media and Ann Coen Photography

By Michele Tallent

Floral Designs by Bay Avenue Plant Company

What can be more exciting that planning your special day in what has become your most special place, Long Beach Island. Having your wedding in LBI gives you so many opportunities to bring what is beautiful about the island into your flowers and décor. What we, at Floral Designs by Bay Avenue get excited about, are all of the subtle elements of LBI that allow for a unique approach to a beach wedding. While we love the use of sea shells and sea glass; there are many features of the island that many brides are beginning to incorporate and use as inspiration. Here are some themes to consider when planning your beach or island wedding.

Beach Simplicity

The less is more theory. When you have a wedding in what may seem like an overwhelming space such as the beach, consider incorporating the natural elements of your environment. For example, using dune grass wrapped in burlap along the seating aisles will bring the grandness of your surroundings to a deeper and more personal level.  When you are choosing your flowers to use in your arrangements, utilizing native materials such as hydrangea, thistle, dusty miller, and beach grass will help capture a relaxed and romantic feel. Adding curly willow to a simple arrangement will bring the guests’ eyes to the entire room while still allowing the flowers to be the focus while seated for dinner.

Winter Rustic

Heavy on greenery, textures and colors. Many weddings are now being held during the fall and winter months.  The use of candles enhances the décor and warms the room; while also creating a romantic feel. Grapevine and wood elements can be incorporated for a natural beachy feel. Using subtle colors such as off-white and peach will soften the wood and be a nice contrast to the heaviness of it, while also complimenting the candle light. Adding a personal touch such as an enjoyed hobby can also bring a new interest to your wedding. The theme in the table pictured represented the grooms’ love for the outdoors and nature.

Formal & Bold

Floral arrangements should always be designed with the room in mind. Holding your wedding in a venue that is already full of color and character can sometimes be a challenge. Being mindful to compliment the space and not compete with it is key. For example, when we designed the pictured “formal” arrangement for The Gables, a venue full of charm and romance, we wanted to use elegant flowers such as David Austin Garden Roses, Parrot Edge Tulips, and Lisianthus. Whimsical elements are added through the use of the Lilac and Hanging Amaranthus.

Loose & Irregular Bouquets

Anything goes with the shape and size of a bouquet. The newest trends in bouquets are steering away from the traditional tight look and have become softer, looser and more irregular with a cascading effect. Adding ferns, vines and longer green material with large flower blooms assist in creating the look of the bouquet becoming an extension of the bride and her gown.

No matter what theme, colors or venue is chosen; a wedding should be a reflection of the couple. Any style can be captured and begins with choosing a designer whose goal is to bring life to the vision.